Coffee & Glass Fundraising Campaign

Coffee & Glass Fundraising Campaign

Funds raised help me travel to shoot volunteer special events,
improve the technology I use to do it,
and confirm I’m well aware that the I’m on the right path with this mission.

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Coffee & Glass

Ever wanted to buy this photographer a drink?

The Coffee & Glass Campaign seeks contributions to fund this mission to keep doing what I love doing the most — adding to the #GreatSmiles series!

Amounts such as $5 will prop morale with perks during volunteer photography gigs, and larger amounts will fund getting to and around the more expensive locales of some of those events, or investing in new photography and processing equipment.

Whether you’re a WordPress community enthusiast, or I’d caught you in a great pic at a public event, or you’re simply a Kari Leigh-supporter, you’re likely here because you see that thing in my work that you want perpetuated in the world.

I’m so glad to have your support. Thank you for helping me continue.

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Donation Total: $100

Oh! Just in case… Fees and taxes on money transfers can be just a figment of imagination if instead coffee or equipment is purchased from the Coffee & Glass Amazon Wish List (yep, it actually includes the coffee I drink at home and while traveling).