Famously Bald Project Campaign

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David as Mr. Magoo

David as Mr. Magoo

We are doing a photography series project where my brother, a still surviving, still battling guy with Leukemia portrays some of the most famous bald characters in cinematic and television history.

We’re doing this…* to raise cancer awareness (don’t know if you’ve heard, but cancer really sucks)
* to have a lot of fun with a bald head
* to restart a professional life for myself and for my brother after his cancer ripped the rug out from under us both
* to practice for and plan a life offering character photo shoots to many others battling likewise
* to build a portfolio to present to people and organizations who can sponsor the above
* to inspire everyone who’s bald but doesn’t want to be to enjoy it as much as possible

My brother, David Katz, Leukemia survivor, as Theo Kojak of 'Kojak', for 'Famously Bald'

David as Theo Kojak of ‘Kojak’

The product of this project will be twelve images published in a calendar. We’d like to do a total of twenty-four, enough for a second calendar, but right now we need sponsorship to complete the first twelve. From there, we’ll seek corporate sponsorship to provide the calendar free to clinics and wards, and hope to offer it for sale as well. As you can imagine, long term illness takes a chunk out of everyone’s wallet. Or all of it.We need makeup, props, costumes, and a few additional photography equipment items. Mostly we’ve been working with what we have, aside from a wonderful sponsorship from our grandmother, which financed Bane’s coat and mask. We ran a somewhat successful Kickstarter campaign, but after the reality of the fees set in, and re-doing the budget to find that the goal was never enough in the first place to do this properly for with an immunocompromised model, it was clear we needed another alternative, and doing this on my own site, thanks to a WordPress plugin, is it.

So far we’ve released seven: Bane, Walter White, Kojak, Lex Luthor, Homer Simpson, Mr. Magoo, Elmer Fudd (in two parts). We can’t move forward without additional sponsorship. And we’d really like to – this project has been a giant bright spot in a very hard year.


My brother, David Katz, as Band of 'Dark Knight Rises', for 'Famously Bald'

David as Bane of ‘Dark Knight Rises’

My brother can’t be the first victim of cancer to cringe when cameras come out, and who is exhausted with looking in the mirror and seeing the bald head of a stranger, one that’s a constant reminder of his own suffering.I can’t be the only person who loves a person coping with cancer who wants to take as many pictures as possible. Sometimes, to be frank, they’re just-in-case pictures. Often, it’s to document with love all the extra time we’re getting to spend together – a side-effect of the malady. But taking pictures of him, or having pictures of him, even in this difficult and often dark time, is always because I love him.

When my brother stopped letting me take his picture, I acquiesced. Ultimately though, I had an inspiration. What if…

…a bald head, for a moment, isn’t yet another reminder of the Big C. What if… it’s a costume piece, a lucky beginning to indulging in cosplay, a chance to play dress-up, a welcome escape into fantasy. What if it’s fun?


My brother, David Katz, Leukemia survivor, as Homer of "The Simpsons", for 'Famously Bald'

David as Homer of “The Simpsons”

With-model shoots completed and awaiting background production:

  • Master Po, from ‘Kung Fu’
  • Carnival Master of Ceremonies, from ‘Grimm’ Season 3 Episode 16
  • Dr. Evil, from ‘Austin Powers’
  • John McClane, from ‘Die Hard 4’

Seeking a model to shoot the last of 12:

  • Darth Maul, from ‘Star Wars: Episode 1, The Phantom Menace’

If successful in getting the first calendar to cancer wards and clinics, we’ll look at doing a second which may include:

FAP-Famously Bald_Lex Luthor_tightboth

David as Lex Luthor of ‘Superman’

  • The Avatar, from ‘The Last Airbender’
  • The Gunslinger, from ‘Westworld’
  • Dopey, from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’
  • Uncle Fester, from ‘The Munsters’
  • King Mongkut, from ‘The King & I’
  • Popeye, of ‘Popeye & Friends’
  • Jean Luc Picard, from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’
  • Charlie Brown, from ‘Peanuts’
  • Charlie Wax, from ‘With Love from Paris’
  • Mr. Clean, of  ‘Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner’ fame
  • Voldemort, of the ‘Harry Potter’ Series
  • Nick Fury, of the ‘Avengers’ films


My brother, David Katz, Leukemia survivor, in shot 1 of 2 as Elmer Fudd of 'Looney Tunes', for 'Famously Bald'

David, in shot 1 of 2, as Elmer Fudd of ‘Looney Tunes’

My brother, David Katz, Leukemia survivor, in shot 2 of 2 as Elmer Fudd of 'Looney Tunes', for 'Famously Bald'

David, in shot 2 of 2, as Elmer Fudd of ‘Looney Tunes’

My brother, David Katz, Leukemia survivor, as Walter White of 'Breaking Bad'

David as Walter White of ‘Breaking Bad’


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