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“The work I’ve done at and for WordCamps is the work I’m particularly proud and fond of. I am literally in love with capturing good, smart people sharing their experience, and enjoying each other’s company.” — Kari Leigh Marucchi

Since early 2015, I’ve been photographing WordPress WordCamps, teaming with other Camp photographers, and working on the WP Photo Project to ultimately build the sibling to wordPress.tv, at wordPress.photo. I’d ended 2015 comprehensively shooting my 7th WordCamp on a volunteer basis, which momentously happened to also be my 20th WordCamp ever — the inaugural WordCamp U.S.

WordCamp Los Angeles 2015In 2016 and going forward, I seek community sponsorship to fund continuing to shoot WordCamps full-time. My volunteer time will be spent on the WP Photo Project–creating central hubs of iconic Camp photography in coordination with Camp photographers around the world.

Ultimately once fully funded for a year, I’ll be looking to develop wordpress.photo, or something akin. It’ll be a centralized archive of WordCamp culture expressed in still photography–a highly searchable stock repository serving the WordPress community, all while shooting as many WordPress events as possible.

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Along the way, having shot comprehensively fourteen Camps so far, I’ve been building best practice lists for meta data inclusion, teaming, shoot target plans, and tips for speakers-when-there’s-a-photographer-in-the-room. These are lists I’ll be sharing publicly here in case they prove valuable to others, and will welcome feedback and additions.

My Vision For wordpress.photo

My vision is for a central archive of deeply searchable still photography stock, findable by Camp among many other detail types, with detailed metadata and extensive tagging, all serving to commemorate and document WordPress events and the culture they’ve inspired since the beginning.

WordCamp San Diego 2016 CoverPhotos from this repository would be available for download and use by all involved in the WordPress community in their discussions about the WordPress Project, sharing of their activities within the community, as well as their promotion of what it is they do with WordPress.

Ultimately this endeavor seeks to serve the health of the WordPress Project, providing material that showcases its community’s strength and vitality, encouraging future participation via reinforcement of what’s transpired to date.

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You can review the details of the sponsorship program here, or go ahead and make one time, or ongoing contributions here with the Coffee & Glass fundraising campaign.

View the WordPress Event Photography Common Archives

WordCamp Asheville 2015 Cover
Many of these already include photography from multiple photographers. If you have photography to contribute to the archive for a past WordPress event, please contact me here, or contact the event organizers.

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WordCamp Chicago 2016 Cover