WP Photo Project Sponsorship

Documenting the Culture We Care About

Are you a potential sponsor with a particular stake in the ongoing health of the WordPress community? You must be someone who specifically values the promotion and positive reputation of the WordPress WordCamps as vehicles for the community’s bonding and growth!

A large part of the WP Photo Project is the provision of my own photo services to WordCamps, and the rest of this full time mission involves:

  • teaming with other photographers at Camp events
  • proliferating best practices for handling and publishing photography meant for historical and promotional purposes
  • curating event photography collections
  • publishing and promoting the event photography collections
  • building support for an eventual central repository of still photography from around the world documenting WordCamp culture since it’s beginning
  • gathering the team that will build the proof-of-concept site that may eventually become http://wordpress.photo

Please review existing options here below for sponsorship and contact me about think-outside-the-box ideas for how we can work together.

What WordPress Events Will I Be Covering?

That is primarily up to my sponsors. As each event date is published, I add it to the list of possibilities, assess conflicts with other events, and start estimating the cost. All of that is publically available here… [Note: Sponsor dollars may reflect in-kind sponsorships and may not reflect actually sponsorship dollars collected to support this project]

Chart: Comprehensive 2016 WordPress Event Sponsorship Cost & Spot Availability

The above is a link to information covering:
  • all of the WordCamp events for 2016
  • the total funds that are being raised per event to provide photo services
  • the sponsorship spots available for each event

Sponsorship Spot Breakdown

  • $900 Anchor Sponsorship | WP Photo Project photo services for events outside the U.S. & Canada
  • $600 Anchor Sponsorship | WP Photo Project photo services for events inside the U.S. & Canada
  • $300 Co-Sponsorship | WP Photo Project photo services for events outside the U.S. & Canada
  • $150 Co-Sponsorship | WP Photo Project photo services for events inside the U.S. & Canada

Additional sponsorship schemas are possible and encouraged. Specifically:

  • Exclusive event sponsorship (the cost per event is indicated in the above chart link)
  • Program-Founding sponsorship ($2500 covering a full year, three of four are available)

What does a sponsor get for their financial support of the WP Photo Project?

Program-Founding Sponsorship | This sponsorship doesn’t cover a single event and doesn’t guarantee any number of events, but rather is an investment in the launching of the WP Photo Project.

Program-Founding sponsors are acknowledged along with event sponsors for a full year from the next serviced event on the schedule (example: ServerPress since WCMIA2016).

Exclusive Event Sponsorship | Exclusive sponsorship dramatically reduces the time expense of enlisting multiple sponsors for any one event.

For an exclusive sponsor:

  • I am happy to wear branded clothing and/or accessories
  • I will produce a blog article highlighting and promoting the best of the event and will include the top 100 shots of the event from my cameras by the Monday a week following the event.
  • If printing time allows, I will give out a card branded to the exclusive sponsor that indicates where the images will be published and where they can go to track the release announcement.

Anchor Sponsorship | Barring exclusive sponsorship, without anchor sponsors for each event this effort is impossible. The core of the cost of travel and production is provided by anchor sponsors so that my presence and photo services can be committed to within a reasonable time frame, and so that travel arrangements can be purchased at reasonable cost.

For an anchor sponsor:

  • Anchor sponsors are indicated first with any and all mentions
  • Anchor sponsor logos enjoy top level and larger areas of real estate where logos are displayed

Co-Sponsorship | These sponsorship spots are reserved for the project’s supportive boutique firms and freelancer brands, and are sought at $150 for domestic U.S. & Canada events, and $300 for events abroad.

For Co-Sponsors and ALL sponsors:

  • WP Photo Project sponsors are announced prior to each event on Facebook & Twitter
  • Sponsors are mentioned and thanked on Twitter, additionally during the event
  • After the event, the sponsors are acknowledge before and after publishing a speaker Twitter parade
  • The sponsors are acknowledged in the album description when publishing the community collection on the event Flickr account, and when announcing that release, on Twitter and Facebook
  • The sponsors are acknowledged in the album description when publishing a highlights selection on my brand’s Facebook page
  • The sponsors are highlighted at the top of the sidebar on the landing page for the event on my site, with their logo on the sponsor card, and their site-linked logo



If you’d ever thought you’d like to buy this photographer a drink or a cup of coffee…

If you’d like to contribute to the cause at amounts less than than an event sponsorship spot (like $5, $20, $50…), you can do that right here contributing to the Coffee & Glass campaign. This campaign will fund new photography equipment piecemeal, make sure I can get to events on time, and confirm I’m well aware that I’m on the right path with this mission!

Coffee & Glass Fundraising Campaign